Vandra i MittSkåne


Walking / hiking in the middle of Skåne


There are 200 km of paths and hiking trails in central Skåne, that take you through many different types of nature as well as past lakes and streams.

Liten karta, MittSkåne


There are also many trails within the urban centers (Höör / Hörby).
The 10 areas listed below are easy to get to and have easy access to trails.   


Hike around the lake Ringsjön

You can walk / hike all the way around Ringsjön
- a large group of lakes in central Skåne.

   Karta, vandring runt hela Ringsjön / Ringsjöarna


Höör is a small town with many cultural activities. There are several nature reserves nearby, with lakes, woods and forests.
Höör is a good starting point for many different trips, both hiking and bicycling.
Höör is just a short train ride from Lund and Malmö (20 min. from Lund, 35 min. from Malmö). Both bicycles and dogs are welcome on the train.

   Vandringsleden Hälsans stig, går vid Höörs Gästis, inne i Höör


Hörby has many nature reserves close by, as well as outdoor activity areas. You can hike around in the beautiful nature, enjoy the architecture, and even play Frisbee golf.
Hörby is a 40-minute bus ride from Lund C, with the Express Bus "Skåneexpressen".

   Hörby, Stora Hotellet

and Osbyholm

Ludvigsborg provides easy access to the lake Ringsjön and to the "Skåneleden" (Skåne Trail). The area around Osbyholm offers beautiful views of the lake Ringsjön. Both are easy to reach by bus.

   Ludvigsborg, butik

- Norra Rörum

This area has beautiful forests and open fields. There are 2 lakes in the area that offer great fishing, swimming, and canoeing.
There is even a floating sauna-house (see the image) in the lake Tjörnarpssjön.

   Tjörnarp - bastuflotte på Tjörnarpssjön 

- Dagstorpssjön

The recreation area in Frostavallen has lots of different types of nature. There is a hard surface bicycle path - and bus connections - from Höör to Frostavallen. There are two beautiful lakes in the area, both are great for swimming.

   Dagstorpssjön, vy över en badplats i nordvästra delen, oktober

Pilgrimsleden (pilgrimage)
between Höör and Hallaröd

"The pilgrim trail" is a 16 km hike that takes you along beautiful paths and roads.
It begins at Stiftsgården Åkersberg in Höör and goes north from Höör through a beautiful nature reserve, Ekastiga.

   Vandring, Allarps Bjer / Allarps berg,

Fulltofta Strövområde
(Fulltofta Recreation Area)

The largest recreation area in Skåne offers large forests, a lake side beach, and "Fulltofta Nature and Visitors Center". The area offers 10 marked hiking trails.
It is open for fishing, at the lake Bjeverödsdammen, and guided riding tours, on Icelandic horses.

  Vandring, Fulltofta (mellan Höör o Hörby, nära Ludvigsborg)

Nord till syd-leden

The "Skåne trail North-South".
A part 
of the trail system "Skåneleden", this part passes through many of the most beautiful parts of Central Skåne:

Silverdalen, Ullstorp, the lake Vaxsjön, Sjunnerup, Bjeveröd, down to Hörby Ringsjöstrand (see the image) and Rövarekulan.

  Ringsjön, vid Hörby Ringsjöstrand, som ingår i Skåneleden Nord - syd 

Ås till ås-leden

Starting from the volcano, "Allarps Bjär", past a natural spring, and through many other interesting places, this part of the trail is worth the hike.

  Vandring, Allarps Bjer / Allarps berg, vid Hallaröd


Karta - alla vandringsleder

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Liten karta, MittSkåne

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